Eurobank Leads the Branch Automation in Greece

The Bank has selected GRGBanking’s Cash Recycling Machines to Drive its Branch Automation Project

Eurobank, the most customer-centric bank and one of the four systemic banks in Greece, has selected GRGBanking’s H68V series of Cash Recyclers for the implementation of its strategic plan, “Eurobank 2030”, which provides for the new “future branches”, aligned with the updated, direct and personalized client services of the Bank, part of the Bank’s digital transformation project. Transaction Systems (TRSYS) in cooperation with its local partner, Novidea, have delivered installed and have been assigned with the maintenance and support services.

More than 450 new generation cash recycling machines by GRGBanking, are being deployed in the whole branch network of Eurobank in Greece, assisting the Bank to achieve significant savings in operational and back-office processes. The Bank has selected cash recyclers as a holistic solution that will help meet its goals of branch transformation and improved customer satisfaction while reducing costs and increasing the digital dialogue between the customers and the new machines.

Self-Service Terminals play an essential role in the Bank’s operations in the Greek market, as cash remains a popular payment method across the country. On one hand, this maintains the pressure on financial institutions to manage availability and customer service, with unproductive tasks, such as maintaining aged bill payment machines, improving terminal malfunctions, upgrading old software, and operating cash supplies in every branch. On the other hand, firm attachment to cash is a somewhat double-edged sword, since withdrawing and depositing cash from ATMs is one of the most common ways customers interact with banks. But that customer interaction comes with its challenges, including the costs of keeping cash in circulation and a slower return on investment (ROI) for banks.

Furthermore, during and following the COVID-19 pandemic, banks are required to provide contactless financial self-service at a time of significant inconvenience. Eurobank has been deploying automated bill payment solutions across its entire branch network for more than twenty years, and was quite pleased with the efficiencies achieved; however, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the bank closer to the realization of the significant opportunities that arise for driving efficiencies and for moving forward towards their branch digitization and automation projects.  

After carefully evaluating transaction types and volumes occurring throughout their branch network, Eurobank realized they could gain valuable efficiencies by switching to next-gen automated bill payment machines. The new GRGBanking cash recycling solution has been deployed and launched, leveraging an intelligent finance technology and innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency of business operations, reduce costs, and deliver customer satisfaction.

GRGBanking’s H68V series is an innovative smart cash recycler with a modern appearance able to deliver large volumes of cash processing and a variety of transactions. Its cutting-edge design, high reliability, and wide scalability make it a perfect fit for various scenarios. The optional note auditing functionality of the H68V Series can realize more efficient and precise cash management to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). What’s more, it offers a multi-layered approach to security that helps defend against fraud attacks.

“We like the design, the features, and the quality very much. Our machines have recorded some of the highest transaction volumes in the country. It totally changes the way we serve our customers— and what we can do for them. We are planning to expand our Self-Service network still further and add even more innovative services to help our customers even more. We believe this reflects the customer expectation at Eurobank, and it is a positive endorsement of business strategy.” commented Mr. Panagiotis Kotsis, Self-Service Banking Terminals Director.

Commenting on the successful rollout of the project, Transaction Systems’ Managing Director, Panagiotis Chalkias has said: “We are extremely proud to be a part of Eurobank’s branch digitization and automation process.  GRG’s cash recyclers have been key to improving banking processes and have so far helped hundreds of banks meet the overall goals of customer relationship management worldwide. It is with great pride that we now can say that we have assisted our customers in their efforts towards business optimization and digitization.”

The immediate benefits of the new cash recycling solution have been clear. Faster transaction times and greater convenience have significantly enhanced the customer experience which contributes to improved customer acquisition, conversion, and retention rates.

The world’s first robotic cashless micro-market retail store uses PAX IM30

PAX Technology, the world’s leading payment terminal solutions provider, is excited to announce that the IM30 Android Unattended Payment Terminal (UPT) has been successfully integrated with vending machines at the i-mall concept store in Athens (Greece), which opened earlier this year. The project was successfully completed with the cooperation of PAX Technology’s partners in the region, Transaction Systems (TRSYS) & Novidea.

Using technologically advanced robotic vending machines, the i-mall operates without employees and is open all year round, 24 hours a day. Customers can alternatively buy through a mobile app, collecting products from an automatic locker.

With its large touch screen, camera, and 4G connectivity, the IM30 accepts a wider range of transactions (cards, wallets, or wearables) and handles the redemption of digital vouchers, offering flexibility & security to the store’s payment processes, providing a fast and engaging experience for in-store customers.

Payment service providers and/or their merchant customers (such as the i-mall) can easily manage devices remotely through the powerful MAXSTORE platform, monitoring real-time transaction data and creating detailed reports to provide useful business insights.

Mark O’Flynn, Sales Director at PAX Technology, commented: ”Robotic cashless micro markets are redefining consumer behavior, and we are proud that the IM30 UPT is enabling payment solutions in these new-generation retail stores. The capabilities offered by MAXSTORE are a real game-changer, resulting in fewer calls to helpdesks, fewer terminals sent back for repair, and higher operational availability. PAX technology enables seamless transactions with the highest levels of security and is helping to improve how businesses report & analyze data on a global scale.

Panos Chalkias, TRSYS Managing Director, said:  We are currently experiencing an era where customer satisfaction is an important goal for most businesses, as consumers are in need of frictionless, convenient, and safe transactions on a 24/7 basis.  Meeting these consumer demands in various industries such as Retail, HoReCa, etc. has been feasible through the use of technology. As the volume of unattended payments is booming globally, PAX IM30 UPT and the other PAX unattended terminals provide the optimum path for enabling the use of cards in a multitude of unattended transaction environments, and it makes us extremely proud to be part of this path!”

Watch the store opening here

Transaction Systems and Cardlink automate the in-store payments process using PAX Technology SK800 Android Kiosks in one of the largest mobile operators in Greece

More than one million self-service payments were realized without customers’ queuing at cash registers

The Challenge

The largest mobile operator in Greece runs a large network of stores, visited by thousands of customers daily who want to access telco products and services. Maintaining low queues at the stores’ cash registers, as well as the gradual training of customers in the digital services offered, was a top priority for the operator; on one hand, they could maintain excellent in-store customer satisfaction, and on the other hand, it enabled store employees to make better use of their time, and offer premium quality customer services.

The idea was that some transactions should be excluded from the cash registers.  These were the transactions that did not necessarily require customers’ interaction with store employees and should be offered to customers in a self-service mode, without the interference of store staff, in specially designated areas near the store entrance and away from the customer service desks. At the same time, this mode of store operation serves an additional requirement, in line with the current pandemic precautions: that of ensuring social distancing within the stores. 

The Solution

Cardlink in cooperation with PAX Technology and its partners in Greece, Novidea & Transaction Systems, designed a solution that would meet the particular requirements mentioned above. The solution was the PAX SK800 Android kiosk, a specially designed kiosk, which can either be placed on a special base on the floor or mounted on a wall. Customers select the service they want (i.e. bill payments, top-up, user program purchases) and as if they were using an ATM, they would pay with their card (either by inserting the card or contactless). The PAX SK800 self-service kiosk is powered by PAX Paydroid OS and is equipped with a hybrid card reader and durable PIN pad. With a built-in camera and thermal printer, it is one of the fastest kiosks in the market, enabling 4G, Bluetooth, WiFi and Ethernet connectivity.

The Implementation

In the last couple of months, two hundred PAX SK800 Android kiosks have already been installed in an equal number of stores, while the number of transactions has already exceeded one million, at a lower cost and at a higher speed than the traditional cash register. The use of the kiosk is very simple and its menu is user-friendly, so anyone can use it without help. In addition to the above features, using a central content management system, the operator has the ability to display promotional messages and news via videos and photos.

The Benefits

  • Improved speed of service: Customer services without queues and delays
  • Cost reduction and increase of productivity: Service automation. Store staff can now be employed in more productive activities and services.
  • Innovative brand image: The kiosk is an original, state-of-the art technology device with an easy-to-use interface

For more information you may visit

Aries 8 Graphito receives certification from Namirial

The new 2-in-1 terminal has been certified for advanced electronic document signing as well as for qualified electronic signing.

The new Aries 8 Graphito (Aries 8G) by PAX Technology is the first payment tablet in the market that can be used for both managing payments, as well as Advanced Electronic Document Signing (AdES) and Qualified Electronic Signing (QES) according to the EU eIDAS laws.

Featuring tablet functionality and PCI-certified security, the robust and flexible terminal can be used as a tablet, cash register, assisted sales terminal, and graphometric tablet. Certified by Namirial SpA. the Aries8G is one of the largest, and widest touchscreen Smart Android terminals in the market.

A Trust Service Provider, Namirial focuses on addressing the fast-growing market of Digital Transaction Management (DTM), which includes legally compliant electronic signatures, managing and tracking document flows, conducting secure transactions, and ensuring secure storage of data.

Capturing a handwritten signature is the best choice for getting documents signed during face-to-face interactions. Documents can be signed electronically at any place, anytime, in real-time, using any device (i.e. a point-of-sale computer or a tablet).

This certification means that bank branches, retailers, post offices, telco providers, tax offices, government agencies, car rentals, and many more businesses can take advantage of this 2 in 1 smart payment tablet to manage customer authentication, on-boarding, 3rd party payments, card payments, electronic and digital signing of documents, while they reducing paper consumption, providing exceptional customer experience, minimize required time per transaction, utilize existing assets, greater convenience, expand digital dialogue with the customers and push forward simplicity and efficiency!

The world’s first Android PayPhones by PAX Technology were launched at Money20/20 in Amsterdam

  • M30 & M50 are modern Android smartphones with inbuilt payment acceptance & certified to the latest PCI and payment industry standards.
  • Make calls, access Google Play, accept Chip & PIN and Contactless cards as well as Mobile Wallets and QR code transactions.

PAX Technology, the world’s leading payment terminal solutions provider, announced the European launch of the M30 & M50 Android PayPhones at the payment industry’s leading Money20/20 event in Holland on 21-23 September 2021.

PAX Technology and Transaction Systems, Master Distributor of PAX products for Central and South-Eastern Europe, were among the sponsors of the prestigious fintech event, where the European launch took place in a special event on Wednesday 23 September.

The innovative M-series PayPhones are the first-ever smartphones with an inbuilt point of sale technology that combine the benefits of a secure EMV & PCI 6 certified payment terminal within a modern Android smartphone ecosystem.

The M30 & M50 are innovative alternatives for Acquiring Banks & Payment Service providers looking to strengthen partnerships with telecoms operators or deliver revolutionary new services to merchants.

Jack Lu, CEO of PAX Technology, commented: “The M30 and M50 are compelling devices, not just because of their technology, but in how they have the potential to revolutionize retail. You can now accept payments, make voice & video calls and interact with customers on social media, all via a single device.

In Brazil, where many tens of thousands of the M-series models were deployed during a successful pilot phase, entrepreneurial merchants and businesses are now marketing goods & services by filming videos and taking photos and then selling and accepting payment, all via these innovative PAX devices. View how PagSeguro promotes the M-series products here.

M30 is designed to bridge the gap between customer and POS system capabilities, enables companies and entrepreneurs to run an eCommerce business on the go. All major global payment methods can be accepted, while at the same time efficiently handling sales & inventory management. A secure PINpad is located on the opposite side of the full-screen display, turning the smartphone into a secure payment device.

M50 takes the user experience even further by enhancing the M30 features with faster processing power running on Android 11, a larger 5.7-inch HD+ display for a better working experience. Both models are powered by advanced battery technology allowing up to 78 hours of standby time.

Panos Chalkias, Managing Director of Transaction Systems commented on the launch: “At a time when the whole industry is talking about using smartphones as card acceptance devices, PAX is coming up with the ideal hybrid between the two worlds, with no compromise on security. It is with great pride that we are witnessing the first-ever Payphone launch, yet another innovation by PAX Technology. As we are living in an era where customer experience is vital, PAX Technology is revolutionizing the market by bringing forward a solution which combines great payment technology with convenience and great user experience.”

Andrew Wu, VP for the EMEA region at PAX Technology, concluded:“PAX continues to push the boundaries of innovation by bringing to market products which are helping our international clients win more business and deliver new profitable services. We are helping redefine mobile commerce, enabling merchants to be more effective and to process everything they need on the spot, anytime & anywhere. This is the beginning of a new era for mobile business, and we are proud that our global clients appreciate the competitive edge which PAX solutions are bringing to their businesses.”

New Price Strategy for Unattended Payment Solutions in a Post-Pandemic World

A more flexible commercial model for unattended payments encourages self-service payment transactions in a post-pandemic world

Transaction Systems (TRSYS). a PAX Technology Master Distributor for Central and South-Eastern Europe is currently offering a more flexible commercial model for the state-of-the-art IM20 and IM30 unattended payment modules- as was lately communicated by PAX Technology. The promotion aims to help boost self-service transactions and to promote convenient contact-free payment experiences following the global coronavirus pandemic.

As nations worldwide implemented strict containment measures, effectively shutting down many merchant categories to limit the outbreak, many countries raised the minimum spend required for contactless transactions, as cash usage fell dramatically and consumers preferred to not enter their PIN codes on traditional physical keypads.

In the future, there will be a lot more demand for more self-checkout and unattended self-service payment solutions, as well as more demand for what is perceived as a more clinical approach to PIN-on-Glass entry on modern Android-based payment terminals.

The IM20 and Android IM30 are equipped with large touchscreens with PIN-on-Glass functionality, a benefit compared to traditional physical keypads. Despite the higher contactless limits, many people will still need to key in their PINs to complete higher-value transactions. In these cases, a payment terminal with PIN-on-Glass display is easier to operate and is easier to clean and disinfect.

This is why the cost entry-point for merchants who wish to focus more on self-checkout payment solutions, is now lower. The Android IM30 comes in 3 orderable comms configurations (Ethernet-only, additionally with WiFi & Bluetooth, and a full connectivity suite including 4G) and pricing now includes key accessories such as MDB, USB, and power cables, as well as an external 4G antenna).

For more information on the PAX Technology unattended IM20 & IM30 solutions, you may call us at +36 (1) 328 5000 or email us at

Auriga and Transactions Systems Join Forces to Transform Banking Services

New partnership supports growth plans in Russia, Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Sri Lanka

Auriga, a leading supplier of technological solutions for the omnichannel banking and payments industries, and Transaction Systems announced a new strategic partnership to offer Auriga’s WinWebServer (WWS) Omnichannel platform to its customers in Greece, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Cyprus, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, Albania, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Sri Lanka, enabling them to develop banking and payment services.

At the centre of the partnership is how both organisations will help banks use Auriga’s WWS software solution to transform their banking services. The Auriga WWS is a proven, modular solution that provides feature-rich banking services through all channels including mobile, tablets, PCs, kiosks and ATM machines.

Vincenzo Fiore, CEO Auriga said: “Having worked with them as a distributor for some years, we are excited to be forging a closer partnership with TRSYS to help us to realise our ambitious international growth plans. Their technical expertise and local market knowledge matches with our own technology and consultancy capabilities and will enable us to answer the demand for transforming banking services in these countries.”

Commenting on the partnership, Panagiotis Chalkias, Managing Director Transaction Systems, said: “The new partnership fully meets our strategy and further enhances our portfolio to provide a full range of transaction optimization solutions in our markets. The combined technologies, skills and expertise, will create and deliver tailored solutions that empower local banks to successfully implement the right strategies and optimise operations, while enabling continuous innovation and improvement of customer omnichannel experiences.”

Transaction Systems Receives the Best ATM/Self-Service Experience Award during the Bank Customer Experience Summit

Transaction Systems, is proudly announcing that it has been honored with the Best ATM/ Self-Service Experience Award during the Bank Customer Experience Summit held in Chicago, USA on September 23 -25, 2019. The award-winning case was the implementation of the “Branch-in-a-kiosk” solution at Sampath Bank in Sri Lanka.

The Best in Bank Customer Experience Awards (BCX Awards) recognize innovative, pioneering financial institutions and technology providers whose branches and technologies are having the most impact on consumers

The “Branch-in-a Kiosk” solution enables Sampath Bank to provide customers with 24/7 banking services, offering the full range of banking transactions; by integrating branch counter, ATM, internet banking and telephone banking, Branch-in-a-kiosk offers a seamless customer experience throughout multiple channels.

Sampath Bank PLC, aims to provide exceptional customer satisfaction and for this reason has chosen Transaction Systems’ Remote Teller Station (RTS) solution, a compact kiosk which can be used both as traditional unattended terminal as well as a remote teller. With its versatile modular design, RTS enables migration of complex counter services and customized financial consulting services to the self-service terminal, thus capable of performing almost all available branch transactions making the “Branch-in-a-kiosk a reality.

On receiving the award, TRSYS Managing Director, Panagiotis Chalkias commented: “We are extremely proud and feel greatly honoured to have received this distinction. This award is a clear evidence of how our technologies optimize bank branch operations, enabling them to provide tech-friendly experiences to their customers and embark on their journey towards digital transformation.”


Cardlink, Transaction Systems & Novidea Support Cashless Payments at “The Taste of Athens”

Cardlink, the leading POS terminal Network Services Provider in the Greek market, in cooperation with Transaction Systems (TRSYS) and Novidea, are offering cutting-edge payments’ technology during the cashless four days of The Taste of Athens food festival. From September 19 to 22, all payments are conducted via the A920 and E800, PAX Technology‘s Android POS terminals.

Taste of Athens, brings together the best restaurants, food and drink brands of the city and provides guests with experiences such as cooking lessons by world-class chefs, wine tastings and cocktail preparation classes. During the four cashless days of the festival, all payments are managed via Cardlink’s new payment platform Cardlink POSsible and via PAX Technology Android terminals provided by Transaction Systems and Novidea, while running multiple applications such as Cardlink’s maitre, the innovative order placing application.

Cardlink, the leading payment Services provider in the Greek market, with the largest network of 250,000 POS and 10,000 e-Commerce outlets, throughout the Greek territory, innovates relentlessly in order to develop and provide solutions that continuously enhance the experience of merchants and consumers alike. To this purpose, Cardlink has chosen PAX Technology’s Android POS terminals, the PAX Store ecosystem, and in cooperation with Transaction Systems and Novidea TRSYS hub in Greece – has entered the Android payments ecosystems by launching the first payment application for Android POS in the country. Transaction Systems, as PAX Technology’s Master Distributor for Central and South-eastern Europe, offers Cardlink with a wide range of solutions enhancing the new generation of PAX POS terminals with new features and functionalities, helping merchants, and financial organizations adapt to the new environment of digitalized marketspace, driving revenue growth and improving customer engagement and profitability.

By using PAX Technology’s state-of-the-art Android POS, such as the A920 and the visually striking E800, the event organizers are providing each paying customer with access to a whole world of 3rd party applications, state-of-the art technology along with elegance & style.


Click here to watch the video

Download the CaseStudy_FirstAndroidPayments_Cardlink

Sampath Bank launches Virtual Teller Machine and Achieves the “Branch-in-a-Kiosk” Concept

The new solution offers 24/7 full banking services in a fraction of a branch’s footprint and costs

Sampath Bank PLC and Transaction Systems announce the availability of a “Branch-in-a Kiosk” solution that will enable the Bank to provide customers with 24/7 banking services. The solution offers the full range of banking transactions, integrating branch counter, ATM, internet banking and telephone banking, offering a seamless customer experience throughout multiple channels.

With more than 30 years of financial services in Sri Lanka, recognized as the best retail and commercial services bank in the country, Sampath Bank PLC, true to its commitment for digital transformation, and aiming to provide exceptional customer satisfaction, has chosen Transaction Systems’ Remote Teller Station (RTS) solution, a compact kiosk which can be used both as traditional unattended terminal as well as a remote teller. During the first phase of the project, the solution has been primarily installed in a branch in Colombo, capable of performing almost all available branch transactions making the “Branch-in-a-kiosk a reality.

With its versatile modular design, RTS enables migration of complex counter services and customized financial consulting services to the self-service terminal. Over 99% of counter services are available on RTS, thus it can be utilized for branch transformation or teller-less branch. Thanks to its unique LiveBank platform by Ailleron, customers are able to perform almost all of their banking business via real-time video interaction and guidance of remote teller, thus creating a virtual branch with all the features of a physical one.

With technological innovation at heart, Sampath bank has been able to differentiate itself from competition and stand out as the bank of choice for many Sri Lankans” said Ajith Salgado, Group Chief Information Officer, Sampath Bank PLC. “With the introduction of the first ever Virtual Teller Machine in Sri Lanka in collaboration with Transaction Systems and Ailleron, the customers of the bank are now empowered to carry out services including accounts opening and card issuance with PIN nomination, by themselves at their convenience. The solution offers the key to improve banking processes and helps to meet the objectives of customer relationship management in retail segments”.

The successful implementation of the “branch-in-a-kiosk” concept is a clear evidence of what our technologies can do for financial institutions”, said Panagiotis Chalkias, Managing Director, Transaction Systems. “TRSYS technologies enable for more efficient bank branches, creating enhanced tech-friendly experiences for customers and improved operational efficiencies for the bank.”

Commenting on the new cooperation, Michael Pappas, Product Director, FinTech Solutions, Transaction Systems, said: “We are very proud of our cooperation with Sampath Bank and Ailleron that brought to life the idea of Branch-in-a-Kiosk and will now be driving the Bank’s customer experience to a new level. The results have been so far stunning, as, for the first time in Sri Lanka, the Bank introduced real time account opening along with debit card issuing via the remote teller machine; bringing the Bank into the forefront of innovative, digital services offering.”

Moreover, the solution allows Sampath Bank to engage with customers on a 24/7 basis, using dynamic offers and real-time online assistance through video, text chat, click to call, and co-browsing functionalities. It is a unique platform with built-in support for the Bank’s sales and operational processes, including cross-selling/up-selling through the presentation of personalized offers and the possibility of problem-free handling of many issues during a single video session, with the option of switching the customer to experts in the requested areas.


Download the CaseStudy_BranchInAKiosk_SampathBank

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