Transaction Systems Introduces the New PAX Android POS in Technobank 2018, Serbia


Presenting to conference delegates, the company also presented the new Governmental Payments Solution, running on PAX terminals

Belgrade, Serbia April 25th, 2018- Transaction Systems (TRSYS) is sponsoring Technobank 2018, the largest financial technologies conference and exhibition, organized for the 18th consecutive year in Serbia. Transaction Systems, a prime sponsor of the conference, is showcasing the new PAX Technology terminals and introducing the new Android POS series for the first time in CEE.

Presenting during the conference, TRSYS, along with Serbian partner eTAKSE, is introducing a new solution which will enable governmental payments via POS terminals. eTAKSE has piloted the innovative solution, running on PAX S900 terminals, in the Municipality of Belgrade. The solution has managed to surpass local state regulations, as well as VISA rules regarding commission payment.

With the new application, the commission will now be charged directly to the payee. The system provides multiple payment channels for citizens and business entities with every payment tracking option via unique transaction ID across GOV domains.  For the first time in Eastern Europe, citizens and businesses are able to pay on governmental accounts within treasury administration using payment cards where the merchant commission is covered by payee and not the merchant (government).

Transaction Systems’ presentation topic as well as the products on show provide a perfect match for Technobank, known for its high quality of presentations and continuous focus on innovation and the future of banking technologies.