Processing and Storage of Electronic POS terminal slips

A software solution that accepts and stores slips from the POS terminal network. Minimizing the use of paper, the solution enables for the electronic slip to be transferred from the POS to the e-slip storage server and stored safely in the slip database. Should the customer request it, the slip is also sent to the buyer via email or sms. The slips can be exported in various formats such as PDF or PNG. Merchants are provided with personal accounts and access to the server to work with electronic slips, while flexible filters allow for a convenient slip search.

UniPOS Pro E-Slip key benefits:

  • Centralizes and therefore simplifies the slip management process through a single point for all slips per merchant.
  • Optimizes slip processing and storage costs.
  • Higher efficiency of the claim settlement.
  • Offers higher quality and additional services to customers.

Saves environment and money by reducing the amount of printed slips.