UNIPOS Pro Monitoring


UniPOS Pro Monitoring is designed to monitor technical conditions of POS terminal network and collect statistics on transactions for generating analytical reports. UniPOS Pro Monitoring is an effective way to keep your network efficient!

The UniPOS Monitoring system is a server that stores information about transactions and incidents sent by payment devices on a constant basis.

Security-wise it is important that statistics do not contain confidential information. In particularUniPOS Pro Monitoring records data on the types of cards used, amounts and currencies of transactions, as well as on the outcome of completed transactions. However, any communication between a POS terminal and the server is encrypted and transmitted via the SSL protocol.

Key benefits:

  • Effective operational management of POS terminal network;
  • Capacity of financial monitoring, including statistics by type of payment systems and types of cards with reference to geographic locations;
  • User-friendly web-based interface;
  • Timely notifications about critical issues
  • Improves quality of support for clients



  • Payment device physical condition check;
  • Checking POS terminal software modules for errors;
  • Detailed statistics on your terminals
  • Collection of financial statistics;
  • Compiling financial reports;
  • Preparing reports on types of cards, financial transactions;
  • Compiling reports on condition of POS terminal network;
  • Compiling reports on the POS terminals software;
  • Displaying POS terminals location on a map.