The i21 is a polished and ergonomic cash dispenser that offers high performance with ultra-low investment. It is not only a super-compact facility that perfectly fits in retail environment, but also a reliable ATM to comply with banking level requirements, including security features such as EMV, PCI EPP, UL, 3DES, ADA, etc. Wide value-added service extension and high visibility also make i21 an ideal choice for IAD venues.


The i21’s small footprint, superb performance and banking level security features significantly reduce cost of operation, service and security labor involved, generating least total cost of ownership. Its ADA standard compliant, wide range of operations, ergonomic and compact design increase customer satisfaction, while its optimized security features largely enhance customer confidence. The configurable large topper screen and a long list of value-added services provide a broad range of scalability in a small footprint, offering an ideal advertising channel enhancing revenue-generation for ATM owners