The world’s first robotic cashless micro-market retail store uses PAX IM30

PAX Technology, the world’s leading payment terminal solutions provider, is excited to announce that the IM30 Android Unattended Payment Terminal (UPT) has been successfully integrated with vending machines at the i-mall concept store in Athens (Greece), which opened earlier this year. The project was successfully completed with the cooperation of PAX Technology’s partners in the region, Transaction Systems (TRSYS) & Novidea.

Using technologically advanced robotic vending machines, the i-mall operates without employees and is open all year round, 24 hours a day. Customers can alternatively buy through a mobile app, collecting products from an automatic locker.

With its large touch screen, camera, and 4G connectivity, the IM30 accepts a wider range of transactions (cards, wallets, or wearables) and handles the redemption of digital vouchers, offering flexibility & security to the store’s payment processes, providing a fast and engaging experience for in-store customers.

Payment service providers and/or their merchant customers (such as the i-mall) can easily manage devices remotely through the powerful MAXSTORE platform, monitoring real-time transaction data and creating detailed reports to provide useful business insights.

Mark O’Flynn, Sales Director at PAX Technology, commented: ”Robotic cashless micro markets are redefining consumer behavior, and we are proud that the IM30 UPT is enabling payment solutions in these new-generation retail stores. The capabilities offered by MAXSTORE are a real game-changer, resulting in fewer calls to helpdesks, fewer terminals sent back for repair, and higher operational availability. PAX technology enables seamless transactions with the highest levels of security and is helping to improve how businesses report & analyze data on a global scale.

Panos Chalkias, TRSYS Managing Director, said:  We are currently experiencing an era where customer satisfaction is an important goal for most businesses, as consumers are in need of frictionless, convenient, and safe transactions on a 24/7 basis.  Meeting these consumer demands in various industries such as Retail, HoReCa, etc. has been feasible through the use of technology. As the volume of unattended payments is booming globally, PAX IM30 UPT and the other PAX unattended terminals provide the optimum path for enabling the use of cards in a multitude of unattended transaction environments, and it makes us extremely proud to be part of this path!”

Watch the store opening here

Cardlink, Transaction Systems & Novidea Support Cashless Payments at “The Taste of Athens”

Cardlink, the leading POS terminal Network Services Provider in the Greek market, in cooperation with Transaction Systems (TRSYS) and Novidea, are offering cutting-edge payments’ technology during the cashless four days of The Taste of Athens food festival. From September 19 to 22, all payments are conducted via the A920 and E800, PAX Technology‘s Android POS terminals.

Taste of Athens, brings together the best restaurants, food and drink brands of the city and provides guests with experiences such as cooking lessons by world-class chefs, wine tastings and cocktail preparation classes. During the four cashless days of the festival, all payments are managed via Cardlink’s new payment platform Cardlink POSsible and via PAX Technology Android terminals provided by Transaction Systems and Novidea, while running multiple applications such as Cardlink’s maitre, the innovative order placing application.

Cardlink, the leading payment Services provider in the Greek market, with the largest network of 250,000 POS and 10,000 e-Commerce outlets, throughout the Greek territory, innovates relentlessly in order to develop and provide solutions that continuously enhance the experience of merchants and consumers alike. To this purpose, Cardlink has chosen PAX Technology’s Android POS terminals, the PAX Store ecosystem, and in cooperation with Transaction Systems and Novidea TRSYS hub in Greece – has entered the Android payments ecosystems by launching the first payment application for Android POS in the country. Transaction Systems, as PAX Technology’s Master Distributor for Central and South-eastern Europe, offers Cardlink with a wide range of solutions enhancing the new generation of PAX POS terminals with new features and functionalities, helping merchants, and financial organizations adapt to the new environment of digitalized marketspace, driving revenue growth and improving customer engagement and profitability.

By using PAX Technology’s state-of-the-art Android POS, such as the A920 and the visually striking E800, the event organizers are providing each paying customer with access to a whole world of 3rd party applications, state-of-the art technology along with elegance & style.


Click here to watch the video

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