The world’s first robotic cashless micro-market retail store uses PAX IM30

PAX Technology, the world’s leading payment terminal solutions provider, is excited to announce that the IM30 Android Unattended Payment Terminal (UPT) has been successfully integrated with vending machines at the i-mall concept store in Athens (Greece), which opened earlier this year. The project was successfully completed with the cooperation of PAX Technology’s partners in the region, Transaction Systems (TRSYS) & Novidea.

Using technologically advanced robotic vending machines, the i-mall operates without employees and is open all year round, 24 hours a day. Customers can alternatively buy through a mobile app, collecting products from an automatic locker.

With its large touch screen, camera, and 4G connectivity, the IM30 accepts a wider range of transactions (cards, wallets, or wearables) and handles the redemption of digital vouchers, offering flexibility & security to the store’s payment processes, providing a fast and engaging experience for in-store customers.

Payment service providers and/or their merchant customers (such as the i-mall) can easily manage devices remotely through the powerful MAXSTORE platform, monitoring real-time transaction data and creating detailed reports to provide useful business insights.

Mark O’Flynn, Sales Director at PAX Technology, commented: ”Robotic cashless micro markets are redefining consumer behavior, and we are proud that the IM30 UPT is enabling payment solutions in these new-generation retail stores. The capabilities offered by MAXSTORE are a real game-changer, resulting in fewer calls to helpdesks, fewer terminals sent back for repair, and higher operational availability. PAX technology enables seamless transactions with the highest levels of security and is helping to improve how businesses report & analyze data on a global scale.

Panos Chalkias, TRSYS Managing Director, said:  We are currently experiencing an era where customer satisfaction is an important goal for most businesses, as consumers are in need of frictionless, convenient, and safe transactions on a 24/7 basis.  Meeting these consumer demands in various industries such as Retail, HoReCa, etc. has been feasible through the use of technology. As the volume of unattended payments is booming globally, PAX IM30 UPT and the other PAX unattended terminals provide the optimum path for enabling the use of cards in a multitude of unattended transaction environments, and it makes us extremely proud to be part of this path!”

Watch the store opening here

Aries 8 Graphito receives certification from Namirial

The new 2-in-1 terminal has been certified for advanced electronic document signing as well as for qualified electronic signing.

The new Aries 8 Graphito (Aries 8G) by PAX Technology is the first payment tablet in the market that can be used for both managing payments, as well as Advanced Electronic Document Signing (AdES) and Qualified Electronic Signing (QES) according to the EU eIDAS laws.

Featuring tablet functionality and PCI-certified security, the robust and flexible terminal can be used as a tablet, cash register, assisted sales terminal, and graphometric tablet. Certified by Namirial SpA. the Aries8G is one of the largest, and widest touchscreen Smart Android terminals in the market.

A Trust Service Provider, Namirial focuses on addressing the fast-growing market of Digital Transaction Management (DTM), which includes legally compliant electronic signatures, managing and tracking document flows, conducting secure transactions, and ensuring secure storage of data.

Capturing a handwritten signature is the best choice for getting documents signed during face-to-face interactions. Documents can be signed electronically at any place, anytime, in real-time, using any device (i.e. a point-of-sale computer or a tablet).

This certification means that bank branches, retailers, post offices, telco providers, tax offices, government agencies, car rentals, and many more businesses can take advantage of this 2 in 1 smart payment tablet to manage customer authentication, on-boarding, 3rd party payments, card payments, electronic and digital signing of documents, while they reducing paper consumption, providing exceptional customer experience, minimize required time per transaction, utilize existing assets, greater convenience, expand digital dialogue with the customers and push forward simplicity and efficiency!

The world’s first Android PayPhones by PAX Technology were launched at Money20/20 in Amsterdam

  • M30 & M50 are modern Android smartphones with inbuilt payment acceptance & certified to the latest PCI and payment industry standards.
  • Make calls, access Google Play, accept Chip & PIN and Contactless cards as well as Mobile Wallets and QR code transactions.

PAX Technology, the world’s leading payment terminal solutions provider, announced the European launch of the M30 & M50 Android PayPhones at the payment industry’s leading Money20/20 event in Holland on 21-23 September 2021.

PAX Technology and Transaction Systems, Master Distributor of PAX products for Central and South-Eastern Europe, were among the sponsors of the prestigious fintech event, where the European launch took place in a special event on Wednesday 23 September.

The innovative M-series PayPhones are the first-ever smartphones with an inbuilt point of sale technology that combine the benefits of a secure EMV & PCI 6 certified payment terminal within a modern Android smartphone ecosystem.

The M30 & M50 are innovative alternatives for Acquiring Banks & Payment Service providers looking to strengthen partnerships with telecoms operators or deliver revolutionary new services to merchants.

Jack Lu, CEO of PAX Technology, commented: “The M30 and M50 are compelling devices, not just because of their technology, but in how they have the potential to revolutionize retail. You can now accept payments, make voice & video calls and interact with customers on social media, all via a single device.

In Brazil, where many tens of thousands of the M-series models were deployed during a successful pilot phase, entrepreneurial merchants and businesses are now marketing goods & services by filming videos and taking photos and then selling and accepting payment, all via these innovative PAX devices. View how PagSeguro promotes the M-series products here.

M30 is designed to bridge the gap between customer and POS system capabilities, enables companies and entrepreneurs to run an eCommerce business on the go. All major global payment methods can be accepted, while at the same time efficiently handling sales & inventory management. A secure PINpad is located on the opposite side of the full-screen display, turning the smartphone into a secure payment device.

M50 takes the user experience even further by enhancing the M30 features with faster processing power running on Android 11, a larger 5.7-inch HD+ display for a better working experience. Both models are powered by advanced battery technology allowing up to 78 hours of standby time.

Panos Chalkias, Managing Director of Transaction Systems commented on the launch: “At a time when the whole industry is talking about using smartphones as card acceptance devices, PAX is coming up with the ideal hybrid between the two worlds, with no compromise on security. It is with great pride that we are witnessing the first-ever Payphone launch, yet another innovation by PAX Technology. As we are living in an era where customer experience is vital, PAX Technology is revolutionizing the market by bringing forward a solution which combines great payment technology with convenience and great user experience.”

Andrew Wu, VP for the EMEA region at PAX Technology, concluded:“PAX continues to push the boundaries of innovation by bringing to market products which are helping our international clients win more business and deliver new profitable services. We are helping redefine mobile commerce, enabling merchants to be more effective and to process everything they need on the spot, anytime & anywhere. This is the beginning of a new era for mobile business, and we are proud that our global clients appreciate the competitive edge which PAX solutions are bringing to their businesses.”

PAX Unveils Latest Payment Terminal Innovations at 2019 Worldwide Partner Conference

PAX Technology, the world’s leading provider of innovative electronic payment terminal solutions, held its fifth annual Worldwide Partner Conference, in Macau this year, during which it presented a product roadmap which will see many new products being brought to market during the next three quarters.  Channel partners and customers from around the world, including Transaction Systems, one of Europe’s most reputable payment system integrators, were among the event’s attendees.

The prevailing topic of discussion was the shifting global trend toward the adoption of more modern Android payment terminal systems, and how incumbent acquiring banks are facing competition from versatile new payment service providers and non-bank organizations who are adopting new payment terminal technologies to win market share by delivering useful software applications to merchants.

Panos Chalkias, Managing Director of Transaction Systems, was invited to present at the conference and afterwards said: “The fact that PAX was the first payment terminal vendor to launch Android terminals in Central and Eastern Europe has provided Transaction Systems with great opportunities and momentum. However, being first on the market has had its challenges as well”. He added: “Customers across our region have been fast migrating to using Android terminals, and with PAX being the only vendor with a complete product portfolio and adequate software solution resources, we are looking forward to more years of accomplishments”.

Mark O’Flynn, VP Sales at PAX, added: “Partnering with reputable payment integrators such as Transaction Systems has enabled us to properly address the way forward for those first movers in the market who understand the huge impact that Android is creating for instore solutions. Our combined efforts have been a catalyst for both companies’ success!”

First to market during the current Q2 is the E700, an Android based SmartECR with an iPAD-like landscape display and integrated payment module and cameras. At the beginning of Q3, PAX will release the SK600 and SK800, new Android based SmartKiosks with fully integrated payment which can be used in a wide range of market segments, from self-service ordering in quick service restaurant chains to ticketing and bill payment.

A new state-of-the-art compact mobile Linux payment terminal will be launched in Q3, as will much anticipated Android MiniPOS models and a new multilane Android terminal, all of which PAX showcased for the first time to its customer network at the Macau event this week.

Merchantpas & Transaction Systems supply Global Blue with innovative Android terminals by PAX Technology to enhance tax free shopping service at luxury fashion stores

Merchantpas and Transaction Systems announce that Global Blue, the worldwide industry leader in Tax Free Shopping, has selected PAX Technology’s A920 Android SmartPOS terminal to enhance its fleet of devices (phones, tablets). Millions of shoppers in Europe and Asia Pacific will be experiencing improved tax free shopping, thanks to initiatives taken by leading service provider Global Blue to deploy PAX’s advanced Android SmartPOS payment terminals in many of the world’s most renowned fashion stores.

Global Blue partnered with experienced European payment system integrators MerchantPAS and Transaction Systems to roll-out the elegant PAX A920 Android SmartPOS terminal which can run a suite of VAT refund and Dynamic Currency Conversion apps, providing the potential for thousands of fashion retailers and department stores to quickly and securely offer tax free shopping and DCC savings when shopping in over 300,000 Global Blue affiliated stores worldwide.

The stylish A-series from PAX offer all the benefits of cool smartphones plus secure payment solutions, and will add to Global Blue’s innovative portfolio of in-store tablet devices. Unlike traditional POS terminals, merchants using PAX Android devices are able to download a range of useful apps to help increase customer loyalty & interaction, modernise their business, and turn every sale into an upsell.

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