Aries 8 Graphito receives certification from Namirial

The new 2-in-1 terminal has been certified for advanced electronic document signing as well as for qualified electronic signing.

The new Aries 8 Graphito (Aries 8G) by PAX Technology is the first payment tablet in the market that can be used for both managing payments, as well as Advanced Electronic Document Signing (AdES) and Qualified Electronic Signing (QES) according to the EU eIDAS laws.

Featuring tablet functionality and PCI-certified security, the robust and flexible terminal can be used as a tablet, cash register, assisted sales terminal, and graphometric tablet. Certified by Namirial SpA. the Aries8G is one of the largest, and widest touchscreen Smart Android terminals in the market.

A Trust Service Provider, Namirial focuses on addressing the fast-growing market of Digital Transaction Management (DTM), which includes legally compliant electronic signatures, managing and tracking document flows, conducting secure transactions, and ensuring secure storage of data.

Capturing a handwritten signature is the best choice for getting documents signed during face-to-face interactions. Documents can be signed electronically at any place, anytime, in real-time, using any device (i.e. a point-of-sale computer or a tablet).

This certification means that bank branches, retailers, post offices, telco providers, tax offices, government agencies, car rentals, and many more businesses can take advantage of this 2 in 1 smart payment tablet to manage customer authentication, on-boarding, 3rd party payments, card payments, electronic and digital signing of documents, while they reducing paper consumption, providing exceptional customer experience, minimize required time per transaction, utilize existing assets, greater convenience, expand digital dialogue with the customers and push forward simplicity and efficiency!

Cardlink, Transaction Systems & Novidea Support Cashless Payments at “The Taste of Athens”

Cardlink, the leading POS terminal Network Services Provider in the Greek market, in cooperation with Transaction Systems (TRSYS) and Novidea, are offering cutting-edge payments’ technology during the cashless four days of The Taste of Athens food festival. From September 19 to 22, all payments are conducted via the A920 and E800, PAX Technology‘s Android POS terminals.

Taste of Athens, brings together the best restaurants, food and drink brands of the city and provides guests with experiences such as cooking lessons by world-class chefs, wine tastings and cocktail preparation classes. During the four cashless days of the festival, all payments are managed via Cardlink’s new payment platform Cardlink POSsible and via PAX Technology Android terminals provided by Transaction Systems and Novidea, while running multiple applications such as Cardlink’s maitre, the innovative order placing application.

Cardlink, the leading payment Services provider in the Greek market, with the largest network of 250,000 POS and 10,000 e-Commerce outlets, throughout the Greek territory, innovates relentlessly in order to develop and provide solutions that continuously enhance the experience of merchants and consumers alike. To this purpose, Cardlink has chosen PAX Technology’s Android POS terminals, the PAX Store ecosystem, and in cooperation with Transaction Systems and Novidea TRSYS hub in Greece – has entered the Android payments ecosystems by launching the first payment application for Android POS in the country. Transaction Systems, as PAX Technology’s Master Distributor for Central and South-eastern Europe, offers Cardlink with a wide range of solutions enhancing the new generation of PAX POS terminals with new features and functionalities, helping merchants, and financial organizations adapt to the new environment of digitalized marketspace, driving revenue growth and improving customer engagement and profitability.

By using PAX Technology’s state-of-the-art Android POS, such as the A920 and the visually striking E800, the event organizers are providing each paying customer with access to a whole world of 3rd party applications, state-of-the art technology along with elegance & style.


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Transaction Systems Discusses Digitalization and Android POS terminals in SmartCard 2018

The company’s executive presentations focused on the way digitalization holds the key to the branch of the future and the new, innovative value-added services over PAX Android POS Terminals

Opatija, Croatia September 26th, 2018- Transaction Systems (TRSYS) was the Gold Sponsor in Croatia’s largest financial technologies conference and exhibition, which took place in the beautiful Adriatic coast town of Opatija, between September 24 and September 26. The company showcased the new PAX Technology’s Android POS terminals along with the new E-series (Android Electronic Cash Registers with integrated card payment acceptance in the conference stand; TRSYS executives were among the speakers of the conference, discussing topics such as digitalization of the bank branches and the new, innovative, value-added solutions on PAX Technology Android POS terminals.

Presenting on “Digitalization inside and outside the branch”, Transaction Systems’ International Business Managing Director, Panagiotis Chalkias, presented on how, in order to gain competitive advantage in a post-financial crisis era, banks need to rely more on the less-expensive digital channels. In his view, technology has several goals for retail banks: the migration of transactions and sales to digital channels, 24/7 customer access for every interaction, a personalized approach to sales, and a unified, omnichannel user experience inside and outside the branch.

During an exclusive workshop, Miha Culiberg, Regional Director of Transaction Systems along with Antun Portner, Business Development Manager of Combis, the company’s Croatian partner, demonstrated innovative solutions running on the new PAX Android POS terminals. New applications, available for download in PAX Store – the PAX Technology POS Management Platform- transform the payment terminal into a powerful network endpoint that can help merchants, telco providers and banks attract consumers, and enhance their revenue streams. These multi-application environments of the new Android POS terminals provide a window of opportunity for the development of payment, payment-related and value-added applications geared toward meeting the needs of merchants across all vertical segments.

For the 19th consecutive year, SmartCard Conference has provided delegates from the region’s Banking and IT sectors with three-days of networking opportunities along with valuable input and insights on the trends and challenges facing the cards and payments sector.

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